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Board instructions - OYCforumADMIN - 04-24-2017

Lookin' for crew?  Those who have contacted us looking for a ride are guided to look here first.

If you haven't already, first register a Username and Password by clicking "Register" above. Log in.

Then return to this Forum ("Lookin' for Crew") and click on "Post Thread" to start a new thread. Your title might include which event(s) you are looking for help in.

In the post, outline detail confirming which event(s) you are in need of crew and also information on your boat (Spin, Non-Spin, size, etc.) and what experience you need (foredeck/Spin sets, trimming, driving, etc.).  

It is suggested that you do not post personal information such as your name and contact information, but ask that people contact you via private message (PM) or email through this board. They can just click on the link for either below the post.

PM or email me with any questions.