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Board instructions
Looking for a ride?  Boat owners are guided to look here for crew first.

The schedule of Lake Norman sailing events can be found at

If you haven't already, first register a Username and Password by clicking on "Register" above. Log in.

Return to the forum ("Crew Lookin' for Boat") and click on "Post Thread" then outline your sailing resume and what your interests and availability are.  Be sure that skippers can see your skills (foredeck, trimming, driving, Spinnaker sets, etc.). Include enough detail in the thread title to get their attention - which events or what skills, etc.

We suggest that you do not include personal information such as name and contact information, rather ask people to contact you via private message (PM) or email through this board. They can simply click on the link for either found below the post.

PM or email me with any questions.

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